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jess loseby



jess loseby

jess loseby's art and projects continue her fascination with borderlands and ‘beautiful seams’ between the ubiquitous worlds of computing and the ‘real’ (domestic).

Jess Loseby has 3 children, 2 wheels, 1 husband and 0 time.


Anne Bray



Anne Bray

Anne Bray is an artist, teacher and Director of L.A. Freewaves, a media arts organization and biennial festival in Los Angeles. She has exhibited her own artwork at gas stations, malls, movie theaters, on tv, in department stores, on billboards and art venues, combining personal and social positions via video, audio and 3-d screens. As a teacher she covers public art at USC and new genres at Claremont Graduate University. She directs L.A. Freewaves, a non profit arts organization presenting a decentralized video and new media festival every two years at art venues throughout Los Angeles, on web, public TV, and video billboards. Anne now wants to start an international culture program on satellite TV but since that seems impossible she is launching broadband video art streams on www.freewaves.org

Annie Abrahams



annie abrahams

Annie Abrahams is a multimedia artist born in the Netherlands and living in France. She obtained a Ph.D. in biology at the university of Utrecht and has a diploma of the Art School of Arnhem. Her most important web project "being human/etant humain" (1997-....) concentrates on the possibilities and limitations of communication on the net. Annie Abrahams has participated in various international new media festivals. Skopje, Mexico City, Tallinn, Seoul, Atlanta, Montréal, Athènes, Clermont Ferrand, Tokyo, Bristol, Seattle, Split, Rotterdam, San Fransisco and others.

Barbara Agreste



Barbara Agreste

Barbara Agreste, from Pescara, first approaches art-making in the Art Lyceum of her home town, and after completing the course she attends a scenography course in the Academy of Arts in Milan. When she learns the disadvantages of being a woman in her country, she moves to London where for some time she works as a performer for dancing companies like "Rawhead Dance Theatre". She graduates in Kent Institute of Art and Design taking as her main subject “Film and Video Productionâ€Â. Later she attends Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London where she completes the 'Master of Arts'. Since then Barbara has continued producing films and paintings, exhibiting and attending film festivals in UK, Italy and abroad. Barbara lives and works in London although her visits to Italy are very frequent.

deb king



deb king

deb king works with new media in Detroit, MIchigan. She is the founder, designer and arts editor of mark(s) online quarterly of visual and literary arts. Her work has been exhibited at Juan Castiglione Museum - 2005 , Istanbul Museum 2003 Web Bienniel, Turkey, Arte Digital Rosario, Interactive Arts Festival - 2001, and many other venues. The Wizard of Odd[home] was first performed as part of the Marygrove College Dept. of Fine Arts "Short and Sweet" exhibition.

Donna Kuhn



donna kuhn

Donna Kuhn is a poet, author, visual artist and dancer. Her experimental video works incorporate poetry, sound, dance and art and have been shown at the New York Independent Video Festival, The Mountain Arts Center, Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival and online at Post Video Art, Mad Hatters Review, Your Black Eye, Harvards' Visual Poetry Exhibit, Black Medina and on the cd-rom Paper Tiger Media of Australia.

Elisabeth Smolarz



Elisabeth Smolarz

My work reflects my interest in social structures and the construction of identity. I use tools like the Internet, photography and video to consider how my environment - the world I live in - affects both me and the people I am surrounded by. The different media help me to analyze reality in contrast to cultural and social projections. In my photographs, drawings and videos I focus on the digital manipulation. The borderline between reality and imagination is very important to me in order to channel desired media productions. My goal is to give shape to the strategies of self definition, which result from these productions.

Evelin Stermitz



evelin stermitz

Evelin Stermitz is working on media art projects by using different media like photography, video and internet, including installations and conceptual works. The main focus of art work is on female and social topics. Her projects are about gender, role models and the gap between man and woman referring to the theory of Jacques Lacan. An important role takes the female body and the outgoing connection to created symbolic meanings of gender in history and nowadays. In media theory her main interest is on the representation and approach of the female body in everyday media and media art encouraged by Barbara Krugers work "your body is a battleground". Evelin Stermitz lives and works in Austria and Slovenija.

girls who...



girls who...

Girls who like what? Porno, yes. Porno. Porno as the representation in images of sex. True sex. When we say porno we mean this. We reivindicate the pleasure of creating and consuming sex images.

Girls who don´t like some kind of porno, a porno restricted by sexism, racism, capitalism, patriarchy, gender boundaries and that leaves your compuer full with viruses.

We enjoy creating and cosuming the porno we like: intelligent, queer, open, free and plural.Since always, but as girlswholikeporno since 2002, we make videos, we take photos, we make workshops, we write, we vj, we perform and we have sex. (And we had the pleasure of doing it in Queeruption Barcelona 05, Sonar Festival Barcelona 04, Frauen Party Frankfurt 03 and in Private Parties all over the world...)

Helen Varley Jamieson



helen varley jamieson

helen varley jamieson conducts experiments at the interface of theatre and the internet. she is a member of the globally distributed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, whose work has been presented at festivals around the world, and has collaborated on various projects with other artists. currently, helen is spending a disproportionate amount of her time writing funding proposals. she is concerned about respect and sustainability, or rather the lack of both, in western lifestyles.

Juliet Davis



juliet davis

Juliet Davis is Assistant Professor of Communication at University of Tampa, where she teaches theory and practice in interactive media, visual culture, and media writing, with particular interest in cyberfeminism (and, more generally, intersections of gender, identity, and technology). Davis comes to new media from the field of English, and her artwork has appeared at the Tampa Museum of Art, FILE, Rhizome, and many other venues. Her most recent academic article is appearing in Intelligent Agent Magazine (Director/Publisher: Christiane Paul), she writes for Rhizome Digest, and she is currently authoring a book about writing for interactive media (Thomson Delmar). Davis is a 2005 recent recipient of the "Born Digital" Award, presented by the Institute for the Future of the Book (hosted by the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication, also funded by Columbia University, The Macarthur Foundation, and The Mellon Foundation).

Lilian Cooper



Lilian Cooper

I work as an environmental artist and I make drawings and text pieces/ installations. My work focuses on the details of my surroundings. This piece was really challenging because it was so autobiographical, making a work about anger made me focus on the strength of words. I wanted to create something that would impact positively on the viewer and convey the emotion without resorting to shock techniques.

Maris Bustamante

(Photographs by Lourdes Almeida)



maris bustamante

Mexican performance senior artist, born in 1949. University profesor and conceptual artist has been working since 1971. Her work has explored sexuality, gender and body topics. Lecturer and writer was trapped in the history of the seventies when non objectual arts were definiteley accepted. Co-founded No Grupo (1976-1983) and feminist art group Polvo de Gallina Negra (Black hen powder 1983-1993) Actually started Cahctas.org, the first center in Mexico to promote transdisciplines to join artists and scientifics working together. Lives in Mexico City.

maya kalogera



maya kalogera

maya kalogera likes to 'copy&paste' all kind of net nonsense. this particular piece is just something found on net in 2001, modified and remixed. credits go to some unknown programmer from shout3d company.

Regina Célia Pinto



regina celia pinto

Master's degree in Art History, specializing in the Anthropology of Art / EBA, UFRJ. Pionner of the net.art / web.art in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro (1998). Creator and curator of the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That (http://arteonline.arq.br /- 2002): "a virtual museum or art gallery featuring innumerable new media works, and a work of art in its own right". Recently (2005 -february) she was nominated (second place) for the Leonardo - Global Crossings Prize.

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